Create. Edit. Share. Your office, securely in the cloud.

Modern business often means working whenever you need to, from wherever you are and on whatever device you have. MET Cloud Collaboration technologies help your business to evolve so your employees can work smarter and create, sync and share files in a secure, easy to use environment, enhancing productivity even when on-the-go.

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Business Agility. Move faster, do more, save money.

Organisations are beginning to see real benefits from cloud computing in its ability to allow for scalable, flexible and above all, economical architectures. MET Cloud Hosting can help if you're considering an IT upgrade, deploying new applications or thinking about improving business recovery.

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Seamless Security. Putting the user in control.

We believe users should be able to choose any personal device to act as their authentication token and should be able to seamlessly and securely move their identity between devices. In addition, MET Cloud Security keeps you working in the event of mail server outages and offers advanced filtering technologies to protect against malware and data loss.

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Reliable Protection. Take the stress out of online backup.

If the worst should happen, how would your business cope with the loss of business-critical systems and data? How soon could you be up-and-running again? With the secure and reliable service offered by MET Cloud Backup, you can be confident of ensuring business continuity with minimal downtime in the event of disaster.

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